Women’s Golf Association Constitution




Section 1.  This organization shall be known as “The Women’s Golf Association (WGA) of the Springville Country Club.


Section 2. Purpose:  The WGA is organized to unite women of the Springville Country Club by fostering the spirit of sportsmanship; to develop a program of activities and services in the interest of the club; and promote a positive, inclusive environment that encourages the participation of all women members. 




Section 1.  Eligibility.  Any female member in good standing of the Springville Country Club is eligible to become a member of the Women’s Golf Association of the Springville Country Club by payment of the annual dues.

Section 2.  Responsibility.Members shall be familiar with the Rules of Golf, local rules, and conditions of competition.  Members must establish and maintain a USGA Handicap Index in order to participate in WGA subsidized tournaments.

Section 3. Dues.  Dues areset by the executive committee and approved by the membership.  A half-price reduction in annual membership dues shall take effect on August 1 of each year for any new members joining for the first time on or after that date.  



Section 1.  The government of the Women’s Golf Association of the Springville Country Club shall be invested in an executive committee consisting of five (5) elected members all of whom must be members in good standing of the Women’s Golf Association and will include the following positions



  1. President:  The president shall preside at all of the meetings and perform all duties incident to her office.  She shall, subject to the approval of the executive committee, appoint special committees and she shall be an ex officio member of all such committees.The President shall have signature authority in addition to the Treasurer for the WGA bank account.


  1. Vice President:  The vice-president shall assist the president and act in the absence of the president.


  1. Treasurer:  The treasurer shall receive and disburse all funds of the Women’s Golf Association.  No disbursement shall be made unless authorized by the executive committee except that the secretary may purchase postage, stationary and other necessary secretarial supplies without prior authorization.


  1. Secretary:  The secretary shall conduct all official correspondence, preserve all books, documents, and communications and maintain a record of the proceedings of the annual meetings and the executive committee meetings.


  1. Member(s) at Large– the member(s) at large participate as voting members of the Executive Committee, attend its meetings regularly, and assumes a liaison or leadership role as needed.


Section 2.  The executive committee shall be elected at the annual meeting held in October and at each subsequent annual meeting thereafter.  Members shall be elected to bring the total committee members to the number defined in Article III, Section 1.  Any committee member may be re-elected.  


Section 3.  The election of the executive committee shall be by secret written ballot.


Section 4.  The term of office of each executive member shall be for a period of three years and shall be limited to a maximum of six consecutive years in office with a one-year period out of office.  When a vacancy occurs on the executive committee after the regular election meeting and before the next election meeting, the candidate who received the next highest number of votes at the last election meeting shall fill the vacancy for the unexpired term of office of the outgoing committee member.  (Amended October 1971, October 1972).


Section 5.   The Nominating Committee of not less than two (2) members, which may include members of the Executive Committee not eligible for or desirous of nomination, appointed by the President, shall secure a slate of candidates to be presented to the WGA members for election and shall have supervision of the election until the results are ascertained.


Section 6.   If only the required number are nominated those candidates will assume the positions on the executive committee unopposed.   If more than the needed number of candidates are nominated, an election, by secret written ballot, will be conducted.  


Section 7.  In case of a tie at election for the executive committee,the tied candidates’ names will be presented to members present at the fall meeting and a new member will be chosen by written ballot.  




Section 1.  Each year at the regular October meeting, after the election of the executive committee, the offices of president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer shall be designated by the committee members by majority consensus and shall thereafter serve for a period of one year.  (Amended October 1991)




Section 1.  The executive committee shall authorize anddefine the scope of power and duties of all committees.


Section 2.  The committees shall make annual reports at each yearly meeting of the activities undertaken by such committees and make recommendations for the activities of future committees.


Section 3. Tournament & Events Chairperson(s).The tournament & events chairperson(s) shall be responsible to the president for planning all association tournaments & events throughout the year.  Shall supervise the tournaments and may select assistants to accomplish this end.  (Amended October 1991)


Section 4.  All committee members shall be responsible to the chairperson for the performance of duties to which she has been assigned.   


Article VI  – GOLF RULES


Golf Rules are based on USGA Rules of Golf and advice obtained from the Club Professional or Assistant Professional.



Section 1. Every proposition to alter or amend the constitution shall be submitted in writing to the executive committee.  These by-laws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the membership by written ballot.



Section 1.  The WGA may be dissolved by a two-thirds vote of the WGA’s active members by written ballot.


Section 2.  Upon the vote to dissolve the WGA, the net assets of the WGA will be divided equally among the WGA active members.


            — Initially Approved October 1966

            Name change amendment approved October 2000—

            — Amended October 2017

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