Women’s Golf Assoc.

Women’s Golf Association

Purpose:  The WGA is organized to unite women of the Springville Country Club by fostering the spirit of sportsmanship; to develop a program of activities and services in the interest of the club; and promote a positive, inclusive environment that encourages the participation of all women members.

Eligibility.  Any female member in good standing of the Springville Country Club is eligible to become a member of the Women’s Golf Association of the Springville Country Club by payment of the annual dues.

2021 Executive Committee 

Lettie Chilson                                        716-560-6949 email: lettiechilson@msn.com 2023
Kathy Schwinger – Vice President           716-628-8696 email: ktsisme@gmail.com 2023
Gerry Scofield – Treasurer                  716-998-8220 email: scofieldga@verizon.net 2021
Rae Anne Swan – President                 716-830-0945 email: raeannes5@yahoo.com 2021
Lynn Wilson – Secretary                         716-341-6790 email: lawemba08@aol.com 2023
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