Course Update

Greetings and very a happy and healthy new year to all our members from Springville Country Club. In answer to many of your texts and emails we are still snow covered here at the golf course. Shortly before the holidays we had about 20 % open turf and Nick and I got out and did some more leaf clean-up. We have not been completely void of snow since November 9th. Many of you have inquired about installing a camera feed here at the club. We looked into this last year and discovered that we do not have a high speed connection nor is it available for us to achieve a suitable connection for streaming video of the golf course. Until such time Nick and I will be your eye in the sky and I assure I will let you know if we can ease your cabin fever.

Merry Christmas

Seasons Greetings from down in the valley. I have heard from some of you wondering if we have melted off down here but I assure you our golf course is still very much under snow. Nick and I are hoping for a thaw, but I’m not so sure with snow back in the forecast for Friday night into Saturday. Last week Santa came early. We took delivery on our new speed roller and greens aerifier. A big thank you the members and the Board for making this happen. Despite the amount of snow we managed to get down to the pump house last week and remove the number 3

pump and motor to be rebuilt over the winter. No easy task as you can tell from the photos but I’m relieved to have finally be able to get done. I would like to take this time thank all our members for a wonderful year and we look forward to making 2019 even better. Merry Christmas and a Happy and safe new year to you all.