Course Update

Today Dave Fox and his crew finished up the work on 8 pond. Club President, Mark O’Neil, has been out to the project daily since the project started. As the contractor extracts equipment from the area he will add soil and grade his way back to the old garage. Once that has dried out i will come back in with our seed-a-vator and overseed the equipment trail. My staff and I will be responsible for “chinking” in along the top of the stone bank with smaller stone to fill any gaps, then feather in along the edge of the stone with soil. Our staff will still have some cleanup from the pond itself but once cleaned out number 8 will look like a brand new hole. A special thanks to our President for his vision on this project and the board for making this happen.

Course Updated

Greetings from golf Maintenance. We are still under snow here but slowly melting off and looking forward to the 2019 golf season. I just wanted to fill you in a project we started last week. On Thursday of last week we had a local company start dredging the pond on 8 and today they are just about finished. Today we started taking delivery of stone that will make up the embankment along the water front of 8 green. It’s going to look great and we hope to have it completed by the end of this week.

Course Update

With only the first complete melt off of the winter Coyne and Ciaccio left the comfort of the breakroom to head out on the golf course. With the strength of ten Yeti, and armed only with backpack blowers, two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and some cookies pro Ange Alberico dropped off, we headed out. Ciaccio hit greens and tees, Coyne front clubhouse, rough on one and 6 before the thunder and lightning hit at noon.

With a late drop on the oaks Nick and i have managed to get out twice as conditions allowed to cleanup leaves. Still many more to go and a winter storm warning in effect for tonight. So far turf has held up well to this crazy weather