Birdies and Better and Ringers Programs conclude on September 30th (for competition purposes). Only one month left! Please review the Birdie Book and Ringer Spreadsheet in Ladies Locker Room and submit anything you may have missed. Awards will be presented at the...

Website Update

As our website modernization project proceeds, we need your feedback.  We also need great high resolution photos.  Please use the ‘Leave a Reply’ area below to post your comments, issue, and suggestions.  Send your photos to Danielle at...

“After 5 years of wear and tear, our website needs some work to better organize the content, modernize the look and feel, and improve performance on mobile devices. Just like the NYS Thruway construction, we will keep the website open during the project. You may have to slow down for safety of our workers and be ready for frequent lane changes, but should get to where you are headed. Leave a Comment if you get stuck in traffic, frustrated, or have a great idea.”

Rich Barber, Webmaster
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