First and foremost, due to the heavy frost this morning, the All Catholic Championship was postponed, causing the golf course to not open to the membership until after 5pm. The range is open all day, however. With that newsworthy note out of the way, please remember next Monday is Columbus Day, which means holiday hours and guest rates. The first tee will open at 7:30am, and hours will be that of a weekend day. Also of note, Dave just got in a shipment of Bills sweatshirts and pullovers. Stop down to check them out.

Looking ahead, we still have sign ups for the Ryder Cup and Pro Day. Jeff will look to finally get a win in the Ryder Cup, as he has never won the team competition! As for Pro Day, Dave and Jeff have proven to be stiff competition in the Scramble Format. We look forward to the competition!

With those couple things, here is this week’s weekly outlook:

Mon. 10/3 – Open golf beginning at approximately 5pm

Tues. 10/4 – Open golf all day

Wed. 10/5 – Open golf all day

Thurs. 10/6 – Open golf all day

Fri. 10/7 – Open golf all day

Sat. 10/8 – Ryder Cup begins is a 10am shotgun. Open golf to non Ryder Cup Participants will begin at approximately 3pm. Electric cart usage will be limited at that time.

Sun. 10/9 – Open golf all day

Mon. 10/10 – Open golf all day. Holiday hours and guest rates.

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