What an exciting conclusion to the Fall Classic. After 4 different nine hole formats, we needed up with 3 different teams tied for the lead at 101. This lead to a sudden death playoff. Keith Wojciechowski and his partner Matt Klass, Sean Reagan and his partner Pat Reagan, and Mike Weronski and his partner Casey Springer were all tied at 101 after two full days of fall golf, and headed to the first tee for the sudden death playoff. Keith and Casey were both getting a shot, and after wonderful golf shots by all 6 competitors, both Casey and Keith made 4 for 3, knocking out team Reagan , who made a net par. Keith and Matt and Mike and Casey headed to #2 to continue the playoff. After a couple wayward drives, and two that split the fairway, Mike Weronski hit a beauty of a second to pin high left of the green. Casey hit his tee ball into #4, and played in from there. Keith was able to get his ball on the green in 4 shots after a wayward 3rd shot. Mike hit a lovely touch chip to 6 feet for a natural birdie. Keith missed his par putt to two in for 6 for 5. This allowed Mike 3 putts to tie and 2 putts to win. But he only needed 1, as Mike drained his 6 footer to make 4 for 3 to win the Fall Classic. Congratulations guys! Great playing all weekend. Thank you to everyone who participated and weathered the frigid weather on Friday and Saturday. Kudos to Brain Coyne and his crew for continuing the stellar performance of the golf course through the changing weather.

Also, a quick shoutout to Cooper Panek, Al Bertsch and Paul Makowski on winning the first annual Chris Panek Memorial cup in Plattsburgh (-16). Well done representing Springville!

Looking back at the club, we have two events coming up. The Ryder Cup and Pro Day are quickly approaching. Both are fun events, with the Ryder cup having 3 different formats for 6 holes each, and the Pro Day is a 4 person scramble. Both have flyers posted on the website calendar and on Dave’s whiteboard. For more information, please call the golf shop.

This week, there are two things to watch out for. On Friday, we have the 9 hole high school championship that will close the tee at 3pm. Next Monday we have the All Catholic Championships which will close the golf course for the day. Please be aware of these upcoming tee closures.

With just those few things, here is the weekly outlook:

Mon 9/26 – Open golf all day.

Tues. 9/27 – Open golf all day.

Wed. 9/28 – Open golf all day. Couples league tees off between 3:30pm and 5:30pm. But the first tee will not close.

Thurs. 9/29 – Open golf all day.

Fri. 9/30 – Open golf until 3pm. 9 hole high school championships wi have the tee on the front nine.

Sat. 10/1 – Open golf all day.

Sun. 10/2 – Open golf all day (Go Bills!)

Mon. 10/3 – Course closed for the All Catholic Championships. The first tee will open approximately 6pm.

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