Well we managed to finish everything up before the rain hit this afternoon. The contractor we used to aerify fairways finished up around 7:30 last night. Cores pulled, dragged in, and swept up. With two aerfiers going today the lads managed to pull cores on all tees and get them cleaned up and ready for play. We also finished top-dressing greens with Nick and Dan dragging and brushing them in behind me.

The main reason to move up aerification, as some of you may know, is to make sure we’re all healed in and ready for NYS Senior Amatuer Championship in September. Greens will be healed and holes aerification hole grown in ten days time. I would like to note that I have asked the board to close the Putting Green for at least two weeks. During aerification we had some pulling of turf all of which has been repaired but I want to make sure we not only have it ready for the senior event but more importantly healthy and deep rooted going into winter. We kept the aerifier out of the area of the green with the root intrusion that has given us fits most of the season. This area will be resodded later this week. We have set up a walk behind mower specifically for this to reduce wear and aid in recovery. I encourage you used the chipping green and nineteen for practice or warm up. I thank you for your patience and understanding.

Once aerified the PG was over seeded and fertilize. I lightly topdressed it this afternoon and will do so again through this process. Height of growth will be increased and no foot traffic please.
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