What a fun weekend at the club. Dave and Roger did a wonderful job speaking to over 115 members and invited guests during the history ride along tour. The original 9 holes proved to be an interesting and fun experience for those who stayed to play. Using vintage clubs, and hitting to different greens from normal was very fun. Thanks to everyone who came out for the ride along and 9 hole event. I will attach some photos below during the ride along.

Looking at the week, we are seeing the end of some of the leagues. The Men’s League has their final day this Thursday. Also, the Senior Men’s league is concluding this Wednesday the 20th. A few notes: all matches and score results must be turned into the golf shop by 2pm, so the final standings can be recorded for the awards presentation. The luncheon starts at approximately 2:30pm, with awards to follow. There will be an open discussion after the awards for all league participants. The fee for the league is $60, and any beverages will be on your member tab. The top 4 point getting teams will “playoff” at their own leisure. Also this week is the Ladies Senior Championship on Thursday morning. Additionally, the Couples a league begins Wednesday evening.

Last thing to note is next week, the Hooper Invitational is happening. Please make alternate arrangements for Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The golf course will be available the Sunday following, unless there is a rain day. I will mention more on this in next weeks blog.

With those few things out of the way, here is the weekly outlook:

Mon. 7/18 – Open golf beginning at Noon

Tues. 7/19 – open golf all day

Wed. 7/20 – open golf all day. Senior Men’s league final week, and typically tee off between 8:30-10am. Couples league begins, and tees off between 4-6pm. The first tee will not close at any point.

Thurs. 7/21 – The first tee will be open from 7-8am, then it will close to allow for the Ladies Senior Championship. The tee will reopen at 9:45am, but will close at 3:30pm to allow for the Men’s league shotgun.

Fri. 7/22 – Open golf all day

Sat. 7/23 – Open golf all day

Sun 7/24 – Open golf all day

**As always, damaged areas from tree removal and all wood chipped areas are ground under repair. Please use the mirror behind #16 mens tee to check if the fairway is clear. Please replace or sand all divots in the fairways and tees, and fix any ball marks on the greens**

Getting ready for the ride along
Dave and Roger getting the tour started.
Dave talking about #10 and it’s changes.
Talking about the significant changes #12 has seen through Roger’s tenure.
Picture presentation to Roger from Dave, for all of Rogers dedication to our club
Roger was finally speechless.
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