Upcoming week schedule below as well as online. The busiest time of year has arrived with many events upcoming so please refer to the online calendar for schedule and altered hours due to events. I will post updated sample menus online by the end of the week as requested by many, keep in mind product delivery is still very unstable and alterations can happen daily, but these will at least have our staples. Please continue to call ahead if planning on dining to assist us in prep and planning, it helps. Enjoy your week!

Tues- Kitchen 11-4, Bar 11-5

Wed- Kitchen 11-9, Bar 11-9

Thur- Kitchen 11-4, Bar 11-9 (Men’s League)

Fri- Kitchen 11-9, Bar 11-9

Sat- Clubhouse closed day for 100yr event, Bar 4-7 with Bar snack menu

Sun- Kitchen 11-4, Bar 11-5

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