Dave and I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. We got to see some of you out and about at the club, which is great to see. Looking forward, this weekend is the Senior Men’s Club Championship on Saturday and Sunday. So far, participation is up 40% over last year! Also on this Saturday is the Ladies Fleck Member / Member. Here again, participation is up 40% over last year. Thank you to everyone who has participated in all of our events this year so far.

Looking a little further ahead, next Saturday July 16th is the course history tour and original 9 hole tournament. Please be aware that the club will be closed all day for this event. If you are planning on attending, please sign up in the Golf Shop so there is a more accurate count of people. A quick side note: Dave and I would like to thank John Nason for his comprehensive research of our club’s history. His decade by decade articles that have been in the monthly Shank Newsletters have been so interesting and fun to read. Without people like John, our club’s history would fade away and be lost. We appreciate all your efforts!

Also looking ahead, sign ups are in place for the Men’s Club Championship, as well as the Mr. & Mrs. Championship. When signing up for the Mr. & Mrs., you can request 2 other couples you would like to play with, as groups will be 6 players based on the format of the event. For the Men’s Club Championship, please denote if you would like to play in the championship flight, which is a 3 day event, or if you would like to play in the correct flight based on your handicap. There is still room to sign up for the Ladies Senior Club Championship, which is also seeing a bump in participation over last year. Finally, Couple’s League returns to the schedule Wednesday July 20th. If you are interested please contact myself, or Madonna McCarthy.

One final thing to note before we get into the weekly outlook is, all returning Hooper Participants must have a completed application, including Guest’s Name, GHIN Number and the guest’s Home Club, turned into the Golf Shop no later than July 10th. For those on the waiting list, please turn a Hooper application in to the Golf Shop as well to retain your spot on the waiting list. Alright, now we can look at this upcoming week in depth.

Tues. 7/5 – Open golf all day.

Wed. 7/6 – Open golf all day. Men’s Senior league tees off between 8:30 – 10am. Ladies 9 hole league tees off between 4pm and 6pm. The first tee will not close at any time.

Thurs. 7/7 – Open golf until 3:30pm. Thursday Morning ladies have the tee from 8:45 – 10am. 18 Hole Men’s league tees off between 1 -3pm. The first tee will close at 3:30pm to allow for the 9 hole league’s 5:30pm shotgun.

Fri. 7/8 – Open golf all day

Sat. 7/9 – Open golf prior to 8am, and after 12:45pm. The first tee will close at 8am to allow for the Men’s Senior Club Championship and the Ladies Fleck Member / Member. The Tee will reopen at 12:45pm for general play.

Sun. 7/10 – Open golf prior to 8am and after 11am. The first tee will close at 8am for the final round of the Men’s Senior Club Championship. The first tee will open at 11am for general play.

Mon. 7/11 – Open golf beginning at Noon.

***As always, damaged areas from tree removal and all wood chipped areas are ground under repair. Please use the mirror behind #16 Men’s tee to ensure the fairway is clear of the group in front. Please allow faster groups to play through when applicable. Our standard pace of play is 4 hours.***

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