Good morning I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday with family and friends.   Please be advised today I am spraying wetting agent (expensive soap) on tees and fairways.   Tomorrow I will hit fairways and tees again with fungicide, growth regulator and fertilizer.  These products cannot be sprayed with the wetting because we don’t want to water them in to the soil.  A bigtime thanks to those members who who have bought the crew breakfast and lunch.

I ask that you please not spoil it for your fellow members when you’re round isn’t going so well. Number two green over the weekend.
Half of one of our oaks at 5 tee came down last week. We will drop the rest of the tree after the Hooper along with two other known widow makers.
Danny spikes greens while Chiach rolls behind him. We do this on average every two weeks along with a lite top-dressing if temperatures allow.
4th of July sunrise over Springville Country Club.
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