Still some interesting weather here at the club. Upper 80s one day and 50s the next. But it is what it is. A few Admin Notes: This upcoming week we have a few things to note that will affect the first tee availability. Also a quick reminder that there are only a few spots left for the Clif Cunningham this weekend. Also, Ladies Fleck Member / Member still has lots of available spots. Sign ups are also in place for the Men’s and Women’s Senior Club Championships. Minimum age to play is 50. The July 16th course history ride along with Dave and Roger is fast approaching. If you are planning on attending, please let Dave or Jeff know so they can sign you up. There will be an original 9 hole routing golf event after the presentation by Dave and Roger, which you will also be able to sign up for. Lastly, Jeff’s Junior Program has sign ups in place. The Junior Program is from 5-6pm on July 1, 8, 15, and 22. The cost is $60 per junior.

Hooper Applications have just been emailed to the entire membership. The waitlist is lengthy, and to hold your spot on the waitlist you must submit an application, in person, to either Dave or Jeff. Emailed applications will not be accepted. For those who have a spot in the Hooper, the same rules apply; applications must be turned in to the pro shop in person.

Finally, Couples League sign ups are in place. If you would like to play, please contact Kevin & Madonna McCarthy by phone or email. Couples League begins July 20th, and will run for 10 weeks.

With those few administrative notes out of the way, a quick shoutout to Jerry Zboch. I was remiss in mentioning in last weeks blog, that Jerry Z had an ALBATROSS on #2. Jerry hit a driver to the fairway and a 5 wood in the hole. Albatross odds are somewhere between 2 million and 6 million to 1. What a great shot Jerry! Also, congratulations to the team of Moe Fernandez, Peggy Lichtenthal, Dianne Romano and Mary Ellen Puleri on winning this years Ladies Guest Day. Moe had her best round ever, and Mary Ellen shot a wonderful 83 on her own ball. Scores were low for the guest day this year, and Dave attributes this to the outstanding putting the ladies have displayed after the lessons provided by the Pro Shop. Great playing by all!

Finally, we are onto this week’s outlook:

Mon. 6/20 – Outing. Course will open at 6pm. Practice facilities will be open all day.

Tues, 6/21 – Open golf prior to 12:30am and after 2pm. Senior Ryder Cup will have the tee between these times.

Wed. 6/22 – Open golf all day. Senior League tees off between 8:30am and 10am. Ladies 9 hole league tee off between 4pm and 6pm. The first tee will not close at any point.

Thurs. 6/23 – Open golf prior to 3:30pm. Ladies have the tee from 9am until 10:15am. 18 hole men’s league tees off between 1pm and 3pm. The first tee will close at 3:30pm to allow for the 9 hole men’s league shotgun at 5:30pm.

Fri. 6/24 – Open golf all day

Sat. 6/25 – Open golf prior to 8am, and after 11:30am. The Clif Cunningham will have the tee between these times.

Sun. 6/26 – Open golf prior to 8am, and after 11:30am. The Clif Cunningham will have the tee between these times.

Mon. 6/ 27 – Open golf beginning at Noon.

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