A very busy week behind and a much busier week ahead. Please see online calendar for all updates. There are many altered hours this week because of Outings/Tournaments. We will also have a restricted Friday night Dinner menu and limited availability for reservations. The cunnigham tournamanet Sat/Sun has a great pace of sign ups so we will not be serving on Sat/Sun, the Bar will be open for beverage. Full schedule below with alterations.

Mon- Bills Pancho Foundation Outing

Tue- Kitchen 11-4(Limited Menu)/Sr Ryder Cup Tournament, Bar 11-5

Wed- Kitchen 11-8, Bar 11-9

Thur- Kitchen 11-4, Men’s League Buffet pm

Fri- Kitchen 11-8(Limited Menu & Seating), Bar 11-9

Sat- Kitchen Closed(Cunningham Tournament Day 1), Bar 11-6

Sun- Kitchen Closed (Cunningham Tournament Day 2), Bar 11-5

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