It has been another busy week for the maintenance crew.  The beginning of the week we managed to whip the golf course into shape for one outing on Monday and the ladies tournament on Tuesday.  With all this going on the lads still managed to shovel  old sand out of three bunkers, fill in a total of five bunkers, and displace sixty-six tons of sand, and lay out two pallets of sod.  As if that wasn’t enough Chiach had the lads hauling wood chips on Tuesday to stay out of the way of the ladies event.  We still have topsoil to finish up tree removal areas, and if the weather holds next week we will finish bunker sand and topsoil.  A special thanks to Vinny Zuech of Zuech’s Environmental services and Roger Buganhagan.  During Mondays outing the sewage started to back up into the restrooms on the golfcourse.  We were faced with closing them down.  Zuech’s responded first thing Tuesday morning with two port-poopies and the equipment to get get us back in operation.   I reached out to Roger to point us in the right direction for the holding tank.  He was tremendously helpful.  As it turns out the tank has never been pumped out.  No that we know where it is I’ll put it on the schedule for once a year.  Next week also marks the arrival of all our plants 🪴.  Cheryl is back, and she and Dan have been preparing all the beds for flowers.  The board reached out to me with a couple concerns, and I have heard from some of you as well. I assure you your concerns have not fallen on deaf ears. I’ve managed to get the drinking fountains at the Schictel and 17 tee going. I’m working on solutions for the fountains on 8 and 14. I’m also looking into purchasing or having built some benches for the golf course. Please be patient and I will keep you posted. On a personal note I’d like to thank first assistant Nick “Chiach” Ciaccio and second assistant Dyla “Skywalker” Coyne making all this happen while I’m changing the lineup at a moments notice. Nick has done tremendous job of taking Skywalker under his paw and bringing this entire team together. Thanks Lads.

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