With the holiday and event weekend upon us I wanted to provide some important updates. We are in the midst of adjusting to some shortages in manpower and it will effect the hours and capabilities of the kitchen moving forward. The online calendar has been updated and the holiday/event weekend schedule is below. After discussing the current situation with the BOD we have collectively decided that the least disruptive course of action with only myself and Jack cooking full time every meal period and events is to reduce our offerings on Sun/Tue day’s and to temporarily eliminate Tuesday evenings. The kitchen will also be effected around events and will be closed accordingly to allow the 2 of us to prep and execute any upcoming events. The menus will be trimmed as little as possible but altered for quicker execution and less prep time. We are far from the only ones in this boat as it is an unfortunate reality of the f&b industry at the moment. Further adjustments will be announced/made as needed. Thanks in advance for the sold out Schichtel rsvp dinner event, we will do our best to execute it as planned. Reservations will be required for all meals moving forward, if not reserved unfortunately we can not guarantee availability of seating or items on the menus. Menus will change regularly based on item availability and prep time available. Enjoy your Holiday, schedule below…

Sat- Kitchen closed (Event prep) Bar bev open 11-4, closed for event after 4

Sun- Kitchen 11-4/Bar 11-5

Mon- Kitchen 11-4/Bar 11-5

Tue- Kitchen 11-4/Bar 11-5

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