Reservations are now closed for the Schichtel Dinner, thanks for the great response we’ve reached our capacity. The clubhouse will not be open for lunch or dinner on Saturday as we set and prep for the event. Bar beverage service will be available 11-4, Halfway beverage will be open, halfway food closed. Upcoming week and Holiday schedule below, have a great week.

Mon- Clubhouse closed (GBTK Fundraiser Outing 12pm)

Tue- Clubhouse open 11-8 (WIGTA Golf & Breakfast)

Wed- Clubhouse open 11-8 (Ladies league Buffet)

Thur- Clubhouse open 11-4, Closed Dinner (Men’s league Buffet)

Fri- Clubhouse open 11-9

Sat- Clubhouse Closed Lunch & Dinner (Schichtel RSVP Dinner Event) Bar beverage available 11-4.

Sun- Clubhouse open 11-5, Kitchen 11-4

Memorial Day- Clubhouse open 11-5, Kitchen 11-4 Memorial day menu

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