Another beautiful day, and a little cooler for the Founders Tourney to finish up. Last week was a busy week for our crew and this week is no exception. With all four rough mowers going last week we managed cut the rough twice which is our goal through the season barring any breakdowns. Thursday afternoon two of the mowers went down and we were able to get one of them going. Parts were ordered and shipped and I will have our fourth mower up tomorrow morning. This is the time of year when the rough produces seedhead stalks and the density of our rough increases. This cycle takes about two weeks until those stalks produce seed and die off, and why it is so important to have all rough mowers on line and up and running. As I stated in my last update I held off bunker sand delivery so that we could focus on preparing the golf course for the tournament this weekend. We will start taking deliveries again this week and the lads will pickup where they left off. Until those loads are delivered the lads will continue on filling in the tree work with shredded topsoil. Also on the schedule this week is Greens, Fairways, Tees, and rough fertilizer applications along with our fourth greens spray. On a side note, last week after our first irrigation cycle of the year we discovered our intake at the creek was completely blocked. Enter white water dare devils Nick Ciaccio and Dylan Coyne. On the hottest day of the year when we need water the most these two climbed into the Cattaraugus Creek to find the end of our intake and clear enough mud and rocks for water to freely flow into the holding tank. Strong work lads and many thanks for your dedication. Please be sure to fix your ball mark and one other. Make sure to replace your divot or use divot mix (please do not use divot mix in the rough) and please be sure to place rakes back bunkers once you’ve raked out.

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