It looks like summer/spring has arrived….for now.  This past week we have had three incidents of frost but light enough not to post a frost delay.   Another eighty-eighty tons of sand arrived this week and the lads placed as fast as the trucks from Ohio could deliver it.  I put a halt to the trucks today so that we could focus on preparing for The Founders Tourney this weekend.  On top of all of that mother nature decided to throw in  temperatures 20 degrees above average and so tonight we will our first water of the season.  After we filled the system Monday morning (approximately 30k gallons) Nick and I got started on checking the system head by head starting with greens.  It’s a two day process.  We fire up one zone at a time make minor repairs if possible or make a note to move on.  For those of you playing yesterday you spotted myself and Nick cruising the course and firing up heads as one member mentioned “it looks like the Edward M Cotter fire boat”.  I was pleased to see many great shots out of our new bunkers .  Just ask Jack Hoffstetter who is a better bunker player than any of his brother’s.  Compared to the locally sourced product that had been used before in our bunkers, this new sand is a USGA recommended sand that many of you have played out of at a number of high end private clubs in WNY.  The difference is,  the sand once in place and settled is very playable.  I ask that you please be patient.  Rain and irrigation will help settle the sand in.  The lads placed another 88 tons this week for a total off 230 tons and another 130 to go.  Again keep in mind we still have 112 areas to topsoil and seed from our tree work over the winter.

Next week look for both spray rigs out and about spraying weed control.   Our forecast for next week is perfect for spraying broadleaf weeds and killing dandelions.

A big thank you to Rae Anne Swan for inviting me to speak our WGA opening brunch last weekend. Divot bucket is ordered. Many thanks

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