Happy belated Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! Dave and I were excited to see the clubhouse packed for Mother’s Day brunch, and George and the staff did an excellent job. I think we have finally turned the corner with the weather, and it looks to be pretty good for an upcoming stretch of days. With the weather turning, now we have officially entered into Tournament Time! Currently, sign ups are open for *deep breath* Schichtel Member / Member or Member / Guest, Men’s Clif Cunningham Member / Member, Alberico Scratch Member / Guest, Men’s President’s Cup, the July 16th ride along history event with Dave and Roger, the Ladies Guest Day, the 4 Gal Scramble, there is 1 spot open for the Ladies President’s Cup and there are still spots open for this weekend’s Founder’s Day Member / Member. Additionally, Dave and I would like to note that Springville Country Club has revised our handicap provisions for several club tournaments, beginning with this weekend’s Founder’s tournament. For men, if your Gold tee handicap plus your age equals 80 or more, you may play the Blue tees using your Blue tee handicap, and must declare at the time at the time of sign up.

100th Anniversary Raffle Tickets are still for sale to help support our centennial events, and are $100. Please see or send a message to Danielle to purchase. If you haven’t picked up your 100th anniversary bag tag, stop into the Pro Shop. Please note this week is the start of Ladies 9 hole league on Wednesday and Men’s League on Thursday. I’ll post specific information below in the outlook. If you would like to sub for any league, please let Dave or I know in the Pro Shop. Lastly, mark your calendars for June 8th, when Titleist will be out on the range for demo day from 2pm – 6pm.

With that out of the way, here is the weekly outlook:

Mon. 6/9 – Open golf beginning at noon.

Tues. 6/10 – Open golf all day

Wed. 6/11 – Open golf all day. Ladies 9 hole league tees off between 4:30pm and 6pm. The first tee will not close.

Thurs. 6/12 – Open golf until 5:30pm. Ladies clinic begins at 10am on the putting green. Men’s 18 hole league tees off between 1 -3pm, and the 9 hole league has 5:30pm. All play MUST make the turn by 5:30pm.

Fri. 9/13 – Open golf all day.

Sat. 9/14 – Open golf prior to 8am, and after 12pm. Founders Day Member / Member tee times begin at 8am

Sun. 9/15 – Open golf prior to 8am, and after 12pm. Founders Day Member / Member tee times begin at 8am

*Damaged areas from tree removal as well as wood chipped areas are Ground Under Repair until further notice*

**Please yell FORE for any errant shot near another group. Also please sand all divots in the fairways and on tees, and repair ball marks on the greens**

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