Well the lads certainly have been busy this week.   In spite of this roller coaster spring we continue to chip away and whip our beautiful golf course into shape.  At the end of last as promised we started taking deliveries of the new bunker sand to top off bunkers.  Two loads last week and four at the beginning of this week.  In just two days time the lads moved 132 tons of sand and topped off 32 bunkers. The rain helped in settling the sand into place and we will continue to pack and roll as we go. As soon as we placed the deliveries we received the lads moved on to filling tree removal ares with shredded topsoil. My intent is to have both projects completed by the end of May weather permitting. While all this was going on and the weather allowed, I managed to get all playing surfaces sprayed with our first fungicide application and our second seedhead suppression application for greens. This second application is vital to the success of green speed and smoothness.

Unfortunately all this hard work can take black eye sometimes. For those who played later this week you noticed a hydraulic leak on one fairway. Hydraulic leaks are difficult to spot in heavy dew or during rain. Hopefully the Wednesday morning was enough to wash and cool the turf. I feel certain we will grow out this condition. By the looks of the forecast we will be heading into some warmer weather. Good news for warming soil temperatures and healing greens from aerification. Please be sure to fix your ball mark and one other, replace your divots, and use Divot mix where necessary on Fairways and Tees. Please do not use divot mix in the rough.

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