We have managed to pull off a spring day in WNY with out a hint of snow or wind chill in the forecast. What a great day for our first tournament. I was surprised not to see more of our members out playing before the tournament went off especially on one of the first great days of the season.

We held off this week on aerification of the back nine greens to make ready for this weekends tournament. The lads did not disappoint in putting together a wonderful test of the game. It looks like our next opportunity to aerify the back nine is Monday. The back nine greens will be closed for aerification. The back nine will be placed back in play once greens have been aerified, top-dressed, brushed, fertilized and overseeded. Once completed the proshop will be notified and the back nine placed back in play. Thank you for your patience and please remember to replace your divot, fix your ball mark and one other, and please do not use the divot mix in rough. Divot mix should only be used on tees, approaches, fairways, and greens.

Bogey gave me hand this morning changing cups.
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