It has been wonderful to see so many of you taking advantage of the early spring warm weather this past week. With The Masters getting in full swing today, I wanted to remind you all before you head out to SPVCC Monday and make believe you’re Koepka, McIlroy, or Spieth keep in mind we will be aerifying greens. So mark your calendars if you haven’t already Monday April 11th the front 9 will be closed for aerification and Tuesday April 12th the back 9 will be closed. Both 9’s will be placed back in play once the entire process is completed each day. Thank you for your patience.

A shout-out to our crew for making it happen this week and getting so much accomplished as we tee-up the 2022 golf season. We managed to get greens double rolled before putting that important first cut on them. Tees blown off, and winter debris removed, then rolled and cut. Fairways were blown off on Monday and Tuesday and cut for the first time on Wednesday. The lads also managed to get through all the bunkers and get them cleaned out and raked. There is still much to be done; topsoil and seed areas where trees have been removed middle to late April, toping off bunkers with new sand beginning of May, and much more. Our goal is to accomplish these major projects before the end of May when most of our time will be spent mowing.

Just a few feet above the Cattaraugus Creek
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