Happy Spring everyone! Dave and I can’t wait to see everyone back at the club this summer! The club has some very exciting events for this season that will really make it special.

It definitely has been awhile since Dave and I have put out a blog post. Thus, this will be quite a lengthy blog, so buckle up! There are a few things that will be noteworthy. Firstly, tomorrow, Tuesday April 5th at 11am, Dave Thomas and Ange Alberico will be hitting ceremonial tee shots off the First Tee to officially begin our 100th season. If you can’t make it to the club, tune in to our live feed on the website to catch a glimpse. Pictures will be posted on our social media as well.

As I mentioned previously, there are a few 100th season events planned that everyone will definitely want to take part in. The live calendar on the website is a great place to look for upcoming events and the coordinating event flyers. There is also now a tournament descriptions page that accurately describes each club event, when it is, what time each will take place, and the format of the event.

There are a few key dates to note: April 29th is the Incorporation day of SCC, where we will be hosting Pop Warner Museum speakers and they will talk a little bit about our early days at the club. May 30th is the George Schichtel Tournament, which will commemorate our 100 years of existence. More specific information will come out as the day gets closer. July 16th is a day I personally am looking forward too. Dave Thomas and Roger Bugenhagen will be doing a ride along the golf course, and speaking about changes in the golf course, decisions that were made, and much much more. It will really be something to hear about how our golf course really came to be through the words of the men that built and helped design it. Finally, August 27th will be the final 100th year bash with a large social gathering and band.

Throughout this season, the club will be selling raffle tickets, for members to potentially win a free membership for next season, free cart rentals, and more. Tickets are $100 a piece, and available to purchase through George and Danielle in the clubhouse. Note, primary members are encouraged to purchase, rather than a spousal member.

I would also like to mention Dave and I will have a lot of great stuff in the pro shop this year, however, please be patient with our inventory. We have a lot of fun stuff ordered, but it looks like there are lots of production delays and shipping delays on most everything. Clubs, bags, shoes, balls, and some apparel are all a little slow coming, so if there is something in particular you are looking for, let us know and we can see when it is supposed to arrive. Dave and I do have some grips in stock, so we will be able to do a one day turnaround on grips in stock.

As for this week in particular, the weekly outlook is as follows:

Tues. 4/5 – Open golf all day. 11am opening ceremony on the first tee with Dave and Ange

Wed. 4/6 – Open golf all day

Thurs. 4/7 – Open golf all day

Fri. 4/8 – open golf all day

Sat. 4/9 – open golf all day

Sun. 4/10 – open golf all day

**Electric Carts will begin on Tuesday April 5th. Carts will be limited to front 9, and holes on the top of the course.**

***Until further notice, all damaged areas from tree removal, and wood chipped areas, are to be considered Ground Under Repair***

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