Greetings Everyone!

I hope everyone has had a great off-season and is ready for some nice weather, golfing, events and f&b with friends. Entering our 100 year anniversary season there is plenty on the calendar to get ready for and participate in! I have posted the Clubhouse Calendar on the website under the Member section and will update it as things change. It’s very full at this point with very limited availability for additions as we ensure availability for regular member dining. This is a live document so be sure to check back as things will change a bit along the way. This has all events, hours, closures etc so it’s an easy quick reference if not sure what or when things are happening.

A lot of projects have been completed this winter with a few remaining as soon as the weather permanently breaks. The Clubhouse Dining Room has been remodeled and updated with new lighting, electrical, cabinets and paint scheme. The Clubhouse roof, gutters and shingling have been completely torn off and all replaced with just the shingles remaining, awaiting delivery. Lighting in restroom areas, men’s shower area, locker hall have all been changed over to new led panel lighting. A new, much needed, walk-in outdoor freezer is being added within the next few weeks to upgrade our storage capacity. The Bar patio is being torn out and renovated with a new concrete etched patio to replace the old damaged pad and pavers. I expect this project completion by mid April (Weather Depending).

In the Clubhouse I am happy to once again have most of our staff returning with some new friendly faces added in. I am pleased to announce that with the retirement of Diane last season that Autymn who I hired several seasons ago as a Bartender has agreed to step into the role of Clubhouse Supervisor. Autymn came to SCC with a wealth of experience in both the restaurant industry and leadership roles. Autymn will remain in a Bartending role with added responsibilities. Raychel will be back and smiling as always, behind bar and serving, Michael (New) a great bar addition, Mae, Autumn, Lauren return on the floor serving also, Jack and Kari return in the kitchen with hopefully a few new faces as well, Rachael & Bella (Kitchen utility) will cross train to help in numerous areas and Shawn my maintenance man back and ready as always. We are still in need, like a 100 other restaurants, of an experienced part time cook so if you know of any friends feel free to give my email. As I’m sure many have noticed the cost and availability of items has never been higher or more volatile, I will continue to do my best in balancing costs and availability and pass along as little as possible to our members while rotating items and sourcing new, it’s a juggling act at this point. The Menus will be live documents like the calendar on our website, regularly updated and available for take-out during respective service times with daily specials added in. We will have an Easter Brunch Buffet on Easter Sunday in which reservations are required (RSVP by Wed before Easter). The Easter event sheet with all information will be sent out in the near future with reservations accepted starting April 1st. Dinner reservations (Starting April 13th) are also always required by calling the reservation line 592-4334 ext 122.

We will open Friday April 1st (Lunch 11-4, Bar Bev 11-5) as noted on the Clubhouse calendar previously mentioned. As we know April weather can throw anything at us and the extended forecast looks as though it won’t be the warmest starts in the world. We will have lunch and bar service the first portion of April with Dinner service starting on Wednesday April 13th. Don’t forget to sign up for our free text alerts as especially in fringe month’s this is utilized to notify of any weather related closures or other immediate changes that require notification. Just text scc1922 to 77948 and you will automatically be enrolled.

I hope to see you all soon and look forward to a fun 100 year anniversary season and Welcoming our Many new members! I look forward to meeting everyone!



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