Quick reminder the clubhouse closes today at 3pm for a private event. We will not open tomorrow (Sunday) with the chilly and rainy forecast.

With only 2 weeks remaining in the season we will be scaling back inventory so the menu and beverage offerings will be changing daily. Friday the 22nd will be our final fish fry of the year, I will post specials to finish out the year in upcoming posts. Lockers do not open regularly beyond Oct 31st so please remove any belongings prior. Schedule through the week…

Today- Clubhouse open 11-3

Sun- Clubhouse closed

Mon- Clubhouse closed- Go Bills!

Tues- Clubhouse open 11-4

Wed- Clubhouse open 11-7

Thur- Clubhouse open 11-7

Fri- Clubhouse open 11-8

Sat- Clubhouse open 11-7

Sun- Clubhouse open 11-4 (weather permitting)

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