Some information on the upcoming weeks as we head towards the off season…

Alberico 2 day is Friday & Saturday with a Lunch Buffet after play. This event will count towards your food & beverage minimum.

The Clubhouse calendar on the website is updated through the end of the season. There are a couple of updates on it so please refer to that if questions on hours, events and altered hours.

As we move closer to the end of October we will be shrinking our inventory and reduce any new orders. We will be transitioning to an all day menu as we scale back the inventory for the off season. Reservations are as important as ever… 592-4334 ext 122, Take-out is also available at the same extension.

The locker rooms do not open on a regular basis past Oct 31 as we need to winterize and shut off all water etc. so please remove any items prior to the 31st.


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