The big news this week is that the annual Shirt Sale is on in the golf shop. All men’s shirts are $39, including the long sleeve polos for these cooler mornings. Ladies wear will continue to be on sale as well.

Looking forward, next Saturday the 18th is the Ryder Cup for both men and women. I will once again look to snap my losing streak against Dave’s team. Continuing to look forward, there are two more events in the beginning part of October that are available to sign up for. Pro Day is October 2nd, and is a 4 person scramble. Teams can be made up of all members, or members and guests. Pro Day is also open to both men and women. The second event is the Ange Alberico. The Alberico is a scratch Member / Guest event on October 8th and 9th. It also includes a senior division, and is open to Member / Guest teams as well as Guest / Guest teams.

Looking at this week, there a only a few things to note. This Thursday is the final ladies morning event, and this Monday there is a small group of players from Alfred State coming in, which will disrupt the tee for a small period of time. Finally, this Saturday is Diane’s retirement party in the clubhouse. If possible, please stop in to wish Diane a happy retirement. The party will run from 1pm-4pm.

With that taken care of, onto the weekly outlook.

Wed. 9/8 – Open golf all day.

Thurs 9/9 – Open golf all day. Final Ladies event at 9am. The ladies have the first tee from 9am to 10am.

Fri. 9/10 – Open golf all day.

Sat. 9/11 – Open golf all day. Diane’s retirement party in the clubhouse from 1pm – 4pm.

Sun. 9/12 – Open golf all day.

Mon. 9/13 – Open golf beginning at Noon. Small group from Alfred State beginning at 1pm. The first tee will close briefly from 1pm until 2pm to allow this group to play through.

Again as a quick reminder, the golf course at golf shop now open at 7:30am.

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