I hope you all are enjoying this wonderful weather to the start of this Labor Day weekend 2021. Just wanted to give you a recap of this past week. First I wanted to give a shout out to the lads for banging out tee aerification this week in just a few short hours. A big thank you to the few early birds that may have been inconvenienced by this process. We normally handle this process the following Monday after greens aerification. Unfortunately this time around we had received an inch of rain the night before, and conditions were to wet to pull plugs. Unfortunately the next Monday in the line up is Labor Day and Monday the 13th is an out side event. So off we went and I’m guessing for the first time at SPVCC the tees were topdressed. Also, today marks the the 11th and 12th day post aerification. Greens have healed in 90 %. This aerification we used a lower Ph sand which was slightly lighter in color and may have been more noticeable through the canopy of the turf. All in all the process went very smoothly with the lads following in behind me on the topdresser with the steel drag mat first, then the tow behind dbl brush and finally tow behind blowers and back pack blowers. One of the key inputs after aerification is fertilizer and seed. Unfortunately temperatures did not allow for me to complete process for fear of an adverse reaction from the fertilizer due to the heat. Jump ahead to this week and cooler temperatures and we were able to fertilize and over seed 3 acres of greens on Tuesday and get that watered in while the lads banged out tees. Great news both tee projects are complete and look awesome. Also this week a big thank you to Dale Doud and Second Assistant Dylan Coyne who stripped and replaced the Schictel roof. Thanks Lads!!. Please mark your calendars for Wednesday the 8th as holes 1 and 18 will be closed for fairway aerification. These holes will be placed back in play once completed. I am also pricing this process out with a private contractor so that we can have this done while we have the course closed for greens aerification. A Happy and Safe Labor Day Holiday to all our members.

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