Can you believe it’s already September? It seems as though the year has flown by. Not to worry though, as September is one of our more busy months. Between the Ryder Cup, Fall Classic, Ladies Fundraiser and the Club Shootout, there are plenty of events for both men and women.

Before I get into this upcoming week, I want to clear up the confusion about posting for handicap purposes on number 1 and number 12. For both holes, you will post par, plus your handicap dots. For example, if Joe is a 13 handicap, he will post a 5 on #1, and a 3 on #12. Although there is the ability to play a shortened version of #1, and the option to play #19 in place of #12, for posting purposes, the above is correct. Any questions on this, please see the golf shop, or the handicap committee.

With that out of the way, let’s look at this week. The only thing to watch out for is the Ladies Fundraiser will have the first tee closed for a couple hours on Thursday morning, and the Club Shootout which will commence at 3pm on Saturday.

Wed. 9/1 – Open golf all day.

Thurs. 9/2 – Open golf before 8:45, and then again after 11am. The first tee will be closed from 9am until 11am to allow for the Ladies Fundraiser event.

Fri. 9/3 – Open golf all day.

Sat. 9/4 – Open golf until 3pm. The club shootout will commence at 3pm on the first tee and will be continuing through the front nine. Players looking to play after 3pm on Saturday will be redirected to an open hole.

Sun. 9/5 – Open golf all day.

Mon. 9/6 – Open golf all day. Labor Day means holiday hours, thus the golf course opens at 7am.

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