Another very hot and busy week. The lads and I pulled off a successful greens aerification at the beginning of the week. The greens were good and healthy going into this process so recovery time will be quick. For those of you who ventured out in the heat to play this week you saw firsthand the transformation of the first tee. With landscaping installed on Wednesday, and irrigation going in the ground yesterday, and final grade set, and surrounds raked smooth the sod will go down tomorrow morning. While sod is being rolled out I ask you continue to stay wide off the tee as you make your way to the teeing area at the beginning of the fairway. On Monday the construction crew will make there way over to twelve to start reconstruction of the tee. The hole will be closed so once you finish playing 11 make your way over to the cartpath going down to 16 green, then down to the path on 12 and make your way to the tee on 13. 12 will remain closed for the remainder of the season. Thank you for your patience.

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