Hi folks just a reminder that Monday 8/23 the front nine will be closed for greens aerification and Tuesday 8/24 the back nine will be closed for greens aerification. On Monday work will start again on number one tee after drying out after last week’s rains. Thank you all for your part in golf course maintenance by using the divot mix provided on the carts, 10 tee and outside the cart barn. I was asked again this past week if we add bentgrass seed to the sand. There are over 6 million seeds in a pound of creeping bentgrass seed so it can be difficult to see, but yes we add seed and not much is needed to mix in a 50 gallon barrel. Also contrary to popular belief this mix is not just for fairways and par 3’s you can use it on all the tees or if you take a divot out of a collar around a green. It is the same seed I use two over-seed our greens after aerification. A big thank you to Jack Hoffstetter for buying and delivering lunch to the crew as well as those members who have provided breakfast for our crew.

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