Today is an exciting day here at the club, as the first tee renovation has begun. I will post a few “in progress” photos below.

Dave just received another shipment of golf bags, so for those asking, stop in and check out the new inventory.

Next Monday and Tuesday are aeration days, weather permitting. 9 holes will be closed each day. Keep an eye out for Brian’s post for more detailed information.

With all of that out of the way, onto the weekly outlook:

Tues. 8/17 – open golf all day

Wed. 8/18 – open golf all day. Senior league guys, please tee off between 8:30-9:30am so that lunch will be on time. The first tee will not close at any point during the day.

Thurs. 8/19 – open golf all day.

Fri. 8/20 – open golf all day

Sat. 8/21 – open golf all day.

Sun. 8/22 – open golf all day

Mon. 8/23 – aeration begins. 9 holes closed.

Below are a few pictures of the beginning stages of the renovation.

The green flags are an approximate location of the new tee.

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