After an exciting weekend of competition in the Men’s and Women’s Club Championships, Dave and I would like to again congratulate Michelle Kirby and Jim Fredo for winning their respective competitions. Michelle chased down Toni Sawyer after Toni shot a blistering 85 on the first day. Michelle’s 2 day total was 177, to win by 3. This is Michelle’s 10th (!!!) women’s club championship victory. Great playing to all the Ladies! As for Jim, he had a shaky first day of play, however rallied to hit 18/18 greens the second day to shoot a smooth 68. A fellow competitor said: “It was the most amazing round of golf I’ve ever seen.” Jim continued his form on the third and final day, shooting a 1 under par 70, for a three day total of 214. Justin Sumbrum, Ricky Finnegan and Michael Carrig, Jr. were in hot pursuit all day, but Jim simply couldn’t be beaten. Also, a quick shoutout to Pat Scanlon, who had the low round of the tournament, firing a 66 on Sunday’s round. The course record of 63 was certainly in his sights. All in all, it was an exciting and fun weekend of competition through all the flights, and Dave and I certainly appreciate everyone participating!

With the weekend recap over, let’s look ahead to this upcoming week. Only a few things to keep in mind: this week marks the end of, the Ladies Wednesday 9 hole league, and the men’s league on Thursday nights, as well as a Monday Outing on the 12th. Check with George in the clubhouse for the change in restaurant hours. Also, this Thursday is the Ladies Senior Championship, which will commence at 8:30am, in consecutive tee times.

With all of this finally out of the way, lets look at the Weekly Outlook:

Mon. 8/9 – Course closed until 5:30pm. West Seneca Social Outing

Tues. 8/10 – Open golf all day.

Wed. 8/11 – Open golf all day. Men’s Senior League, who tee off between 8:30-10am. The first tee will not close at any point during the day.

Thurs. 8/12 – Open golf until 8:00am, after 9:30am and again until 3:30pm. Final week of the Men’s League. 18 hole league tees off between 1-3:30pm to make way for the 5:30 shotgun league. The first tee will promptly close at 8:00am, reopen at 9:30, and remain open until 3:30pm, where it will close again for Men’s 9 hole league.

Fri. 8/13 – Open golf all day

Sat. 8/14 – Open golf all day

Sun. 8/15 – Open golf all day

Mon. 8/16 – Course closed until 5:30pm. Mount Mercy Outing.

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