This upcoming week schedule and Hooper week schedule below. We’re approaching the busiest 4 week stretch of the season with many events. The clubhouse calendar on our website is an easy way to stay informed as I update it several times a week. We’ve started running a lot more specials during the week for both lunch and dinner and will continue to do so this week with a fresh batch of scallops arriving from Boston among other items for dinner. The lunch menu will undergo a steady change with new items starting Tuesday. It is a difficult menu to eliminate items from as they’re all popular but some will take a break for changes. There’s only so much inventory space and items I can carry. Going on lunch menu starting Tuesday will be a shrimp po boy and greek flatbread in addition to the Italian sausage, daily wrap and black bean burger that went on last week. Updates and rotations to both menu’s will continue. We’ve been busier then ever with regular daily dining and appreciate everyone’s help in giving us as much advanced reservations as possible. It helps enormously! Enjoy your week!

This week:

Mon- clubhouse closed

Tues- 11am-9pm

Wed- 11am-9pm

Thurs- 11am-4pm lunch, Men’s league buffet pm

Fri- 11am-9pm

Sat- 11am-8pm

Sun- 11am-7pm, lunch 11-4

Hooper Week:

Mon- clubhouse closed

Tues- 11am-9pm

Wed- 11am-8pm

Thurs- clubhouse closed

Fri- clubhouse closed

Sat- clubhouse closed

Sun- 11am-5pm


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