Forgive me, for it has been some 20 days since my last post and, needless to say, we have all been very busy. Over the course of 20 days we have seen frost and we have tipped the upper 80’s with this roller coaster of weather. We have thrown a lot of water and, in these couple weeks mother nature has given us over two inches. It seems as if every thing is on back these days and we wait for eternity for first, flagsticks and then pindicators. All have arrived and installed and of course, two laser yardage prisms on back order. Let me do a review on our pin placement procedure. I have split the greens into three sections front/middle/back. So if number one is in the back of the green number two will be in the front, number three will be in the back, and on number four the rotation starts all over again through all eighteen holes. The very next time cups are changed based on the previous rotation number one goes to the front, two to the middle and three to the back.

Thank you all for taking part golf course maintenance by using the divot mix. You are on track for using 1.5 tons per month and I have noticed an increase in pitch mark repair on all greens, especially the par 3’s please keep it up and thank you. Like the elephant in the room, you have noticed both lunar landing modules (chemical spray rigs) at work on the golf course. Both Nick and I have been busy attacking broad leaf weeds and a high incidence of of insects. As the weather allows (meaning cool to moderate temperatures) we have sprayers loaded for weed control and mixed in that Wapatoola is insecticide. I have not seen so many ants in greens since my fledgling days in this business in Northern Florida. As part of the battle against weeds is fertilizing the rough 2x/per-season to out compete the weeds. It is working, but it will take time and I ask you to be patient.

This years flowers are absolutely finominal, and a huge thank you to Cheryl and Danielle for sitting down last fall with Jan and Pete Henry to put this all together. With all plant material in place and thriving, we will be the envy of every private club in western New York.

In a more important note, and a word of warning, they’re back. Yes Statler and Waldorf are back. You may know them as George Vertalino and Pete Jantzi. Again don’t be taken in by their calm demeanor and friendly disposition these men are cunning and ruthless and I have petitioned the board to have them exiled from the club. Be warned. Good luck this weekend to all our participants in this weekends tournament.

Hopefully the last of the frost June 17th
Annual Bluegrass Weevil (ABW) these critters love feeding on Annual Bluegrass
Sugar ants
European Chaffer
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