What a great weekend of Founder’s competition. There were some great low scores with some awesome weather. Thank you to everyone who played!

This is a fairly light week at the club, with only regular league play happening. There is, however, a Monday Outing on Monday May 24th. Here is what the weekly outlook looks like:

Mon. 5/17 – Open golf beginning at Noon

Tues. 5/18 – Open golf all day. Couples league tees off between 4 and 6pm, but the tee will not close during this time.

Wed. 5/19 – Open golf all day. Senior men’s league tees off any time after 9am, and the ladies 9 hole league tees off between 4 and 6pm. The tee will not close during these times.

Thus. 5/20 – Open golf until 3:30pm. Ladies seniors tee off at approximately 9am. 18 hole Men’s league tees off anytime after 11am, and the 9 hole league begins promptly at 5:30pm. The first tee will close at 3:30pm.

Fri 5/21 – Open golf all day

Sat. 5/22 – Open golf all day

Sun. 5/23 – Open golf all day

Mon. 5/24 – Glory Be to Kids Outing. The first tee will open at 6pm.

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