It has been another busy week on the golf course and finally some beautiful spring weather. Much time was spent preparing for the Founders Tournament this week so some of our other maintenance plans have been pushed into next week. Mainly spraying for broadleaf weeds and preparing the landscape beds for planting.

This week I recieved a call from the fish hatchery letting me know our grass carp were ready for pickup. The grass carp will help to keep our ponds clear of aquatic weeds and grasses. Dylan and his ground crew continue to trim and remove dead and dying branches using the lift we’ve rented. Next week he will continue on the trees along one, as well some hangers over the clubhouse and locker rooms. Tree work is never ending. Many thanks to all those who have reached out with kind words and compliments and I have passed them along to the crew. Enjoy

Spraying broadleaf weeds next week
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