We managed to get two decent days out of this week thus far, but the work continues.  Out of three interviews lined up this week one showed and was hired.  Messages have been left with two more, and hopefully we can lure them off the couch with the promise of a sun tan and some good hard work.  I’ll keep you posted.  Our paving contractor finished up this week and the work looks fantastic.  For those of you that haven’t been out this week see the attached photos.  I had them dig out the heavily rooted areas on 7 going back to 8 tee, and widened the parking apron at the back tee.  Then over to 16 to pave the path going down to the green.  These areas will not require as much topsoil the edges but the main road going back to the pillars will.  I will bring in more topsoil when we have a window of at least two days without rain. 

It’s that time of year again when our soil temperatures climb and the rough feeds on the nutrients from the spring rains and fills in nicely.  The increased density is due to last year’s fertilization of the rough and also the plant producing seedhead on nice big stalks.  I have not fertilized the rough this season and it won’t happen until the middle of June.  All three rough mowers are operating, but keep in mind the rough is not cut in one day.  The difference this year is I will not have rough mower operating on Sunday.  Fairways, Tees, Approaches and Greens have been fertilized.  This rainy weather has also had me start our fungicide program early due to such high humidity and cold temperatures actually kicking the snowmold machine into gear.  All 25 acres of playing surfaces were sprayed this week.  Today I put Assistant Superintendent Nick Ciaccio on the Springville Country Club weight loss program by having him treat all green slopes and surroundings using the walk behind spreader, approximately 4 acres with a granular blend of crabgrass control, insecticide and nitrogen to jump start the turf.  Also today I brought in a lift so Second Assistant Dylan Coyne could hang the mirror on sixteen, and I have a bell on order that I hope to have installed by next week.  Both of these aids should help to make 16 safer to play on busy days, thank you for your patience.  A big thank you to all who using the sand and seed mix. We have already plowed through one pallet cracked open another. Keep in mind if a sizable divot has been taken it is always best to replace and tuck it in with your club. Please be sure to fix your ball mark and while your partner is putting out go ahead and fix another.

First Assistant Nick Ciaccio left and Second Assistant Dylan Coyne. Place the flag on 18 green for Mondays USGA Four Ball Qualifier. Strong work lads.
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