With a winter weather advisory in effect, it gives me a chance to catch up on some paperwork and let you all know what we’ve been up to.  A big thank you to Greens and Grounds Jeff Duerr and Sean Cannan for putting on their Superintendent hats on and reaching out to me to see if we could move up greens aerification. I would also like to thank the board for giving a collective thumbs up for this decision. Other than the week of 70 degree weather, the two days we aerified have been the only ideal days to accomplish this task. Just over two acres of greens, approximately forty truckster loads of hand shoveled cores, and a little over fifty tons of sand, the lads did a great job and thankfully mother nature was on our side this time. Once the lads finished up with the greens we had them get right back on tree removal areas. You may have noticed that we piled then spread out cores around trees, and where trees have been removed, or areas where tree roots have surfaced. This makes for a great seed bed and these as well as all the topsoil repairs will be seeded when temperatures and conditions allow.

Currently we have some ballwashers out, rakes in bunkers, divot bottles and buckets on par three Tees. We are still in the throws of a pandemic and I ask where possible to wipe down handles after each use. We have just purchased more posts and rope for cart traffic control. Please keep carts 30 feet from greens and off of approaches.

The Sandman Award actually goes to three gentlemen this week, Statler and Waldorf (Pete Jantzi and George Vertalino) and John Nason. Thank you gentlemen for sending our divot mix budget through the roof with your diligence. YOU’RE HIRED!!. A special thanks to Mike Timkey for his expert wood working skills in rebuilding the mirror for sixteen Tee. Along with the mirror on sixteen we will be installing a bell at the end of the hole to notify those on the Tee the fairway is clear. We have done away with the old and rotting butt splintering benches. I have ordered bench legs and brackets and I am building new benches to be used on each hole.

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