Great to see everyone out and about this past weekend, and with the forecast not looking too good, this update will be pretty short.

A couple of things: Sign ups are in place for this Saturday’s Presidents Opening Event. It is a Mixed Scramble and an ABCD format. Also, Dave and I are taking sign ups for the Men’s Member/Member on May 15th and 16th. Switching gears, subs are still needed for all leagues. Finally, sign ups are in place for the Ladies’ Clincs on May 5th and May 6th. Please see the golf shop for more info.

New inventory is arriving daily in the golf shop. Lots of new bags, hats, apparel and clubs, including a great selection of Scotty Cameron Putters. There is also a variety of grips to choose from, which is a great way to get that new club feeling.

As I mentioned last week, please remember to fill divots on the tees and on fairways. Sand bottles are available in the cart barn, the 10th tee, and on the electric carts. Additionally, ball marks on the greens need to be repaired. As Dave and I continue to get on the golf course, it is evident that these two areas are seriously neglected in our membership. It’s our golf course, let’s take care of it like we want it to be.

Lastly, here is our weekly outlook:

Tues. 4/20 – Open golf all day

Wed. 4/21 – Open golf all day

Thurs. 4/22 – Open golf all day

Fri. 4/23 – Open golf all day

Sat. 4/24 – Open golf until 11am. All groups must make the turn by 1pm. The first tee will reopen at 1:20pm, after the Opening Event.

Sun. 4/25 – Open golf all day

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