It’s been great to see everyone out and about around the club this past week. We’re starting to get back to the point of being normal again. A quick thank you to everyone who played Saturday morning for checking into the golf shop, and adhering to the new weekend morning starting list policy. It worked great! There are a few things Dave and I want to mention, and thus the dreaded Master’s Sunday afternoon update.

First and foremost, Greens aeration will NOT begin tomorrow. Please see Brian’s upcoming post for more information.

Secondly, Dave and I have started taking sign ups for our first few events. The President’s Opening Event and Party sign up is now open. It is held on April 24th, and it is a Mixed Scramble, with ABCD Format, and Dave and I will make teams. It’s a great way to mingle and meet new members in a fun and pressure free environment. Next is our Men’s Founder’s Member / Member event which is May 15th and 16th. Please sign up with your partner in the golf shop. For more information on both events, please see Dave or myself.

Lastly, before I get to the weekly outlook, I want to mention that our golf course is in such fantastic shape. I was lucky enough to play some holes yesterday with a few members, and I have to say that I am disappointed and concerned about the lack of divots that are filled with sand, particularly on the par 3 tee boxes. Of all of the places I’ve played, I don’t think I have ever filled that many divots in one round of golf. Now that we have sand bottles on all of the electric carts, as well as the sand bins on the par 3 tees, please remember to fill your divots. It’s our course, so let’s maintain it like it should be.

Now onto the weekly outlook:

Mon 4/12: Open Golf beginning at Noon.

Tues 4/13: Open Golf all day.

Wed. 4/14: Open Golf all day

Thurs. 4/15: Open Golf all day

Fri. 4/16: Open Golf all day

Sat. 4/17: Open Golf all day

Sun. 4/18: Open Golf all day

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