What a great week of golf this has been.  It has been so good to see everyone out playing again.  What incredible weather this week has brought us, so much warm weather that we had to pressurize the irrigation system the earliest we’ve ever done so.  I would say it’s safe enough to get water to the bathrooms with little risk of freezing pipes and we will take care of that after the morning mow.  I also wanted to inform everyone that we have moved up greens aerification by one week.  Sand has been delivered and aerification tines were delivered today.  The plan is to do the front 9 Monday and the back 9 Tuesday.  Please look to my updates for any changes due to weather.

Most of you are aware by now that one tee and twelve tee will be reconstructed starting mid-August.  I hope to have some landscape drawings soon to display in hopes of giving you all a better idea how one will look.  I’m also happy to report that the cart Path work along 7 green (tree root section) and the Path by 8 Tee; 16 going down to the back of the green and the main road going back to the old Cascade Park columns will be ground and replaced starting April 29th. A huge thank you to the board for approving this necessary work.

New Fairway Mower

This week the lads have been busy cleaning up from all the tree work.  And  yesterday 3 loads of shredded topsoil was delivered and we’ve already started filling and grading these areas.  Please be patient as we prepare these areas for seed and some areas sod.  We have a lot on our plate but it’s all good, and once this work is completed, and tees restored you will all be amazed with the results. Thanks and enjoy the masters.

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