Hi all

Spent day power washing and setting patio, good to go. Stairs where cones are please do not use, still repairs needed, Tv and umbrellas will go up tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.

A few new items added to halfway house coolers, multiple candy bar selections and chobani yogurt for when ya need a little something early (pre-wrapped spoons on cup table). Also a really good pre-made bloody mary can in beer cooler. Coffee in halfway is complimentary and will be out on Fri, Sat & Sun early.

Halfway order sign will be on 8 tomorrow for convenience call ahead orders as we do not do halfway walk up food orders.

Friendly reminder reservations are required for dinner and any large lunch tables. 592-4334 ext 122.

Fish fry tomorrow and The Masters on tv, stop in for for a cold one. 🍻

As always, all items are available for curbside or bar take-out with call ahead.



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