What a busy week this has been and what a change in weather in less than 24 hours.   Welcome to Western New York and welcome to so many of our members who came out to take advantage of the great weather.  Great seeing, and talking to so many of you, and good to hear from some of our snow birds who haven’t left the south yet to head home.  Tuesday morning I did a zoom call with President Jim Chavanne and Greens and Grounds Chair Jeff Dewar.  They expressed the boards concerns about reaching our goal of eliminating some 90 dead or dying trees this past winter.  We managed to keep snow clear as best we could but some times it’s even too cold for tree work.  So after our meeting and looking at some good weather in the forecast I had our contractor back in Wednesday morning.  We had two widow makers in a group behind two green so I had him start there and work their way behind 3 green.  Stump grinding will continue in this area over weekend.  If all goes well I plan on having them move directly over behind 15 green at the beginning of next week.  As soon as stumps are ground Nick and the lads drop directly in behind and clean-up the debris left behind.   Our main goal these past two years has been to remove all the dead and (mostly scots pine,  and fir) and dying trees especially those that present a risk to our members and guests.  A key part of that plan is come back in species of trees that are hearty, offer good fall color and are disease resistant.  Great care will be taken in selection as well as placing trees in the future.

I have also taken a number of questions regarding the redesign and rebuild of the number 1 tee complex.  As many of you know this was a project approved by the board along with #12 Tee reconstruction for the 2021 season.  Currently I am working with a landscape architect on the landscaping of this project.  I hope to have in the coming weeks a number of computer generated drawings based on photos I submitted to her after the snow melted. These I hope will help you visual how wonderful this area will look. Basically the tee complex will be raised, widened, and step down as it leads to the forward ladies tee. As I said this project won’t start until May. So, in the mean time my plan is to box blade and remove the remaining roots and debris. We will then grade and sod some of the area surrounding the tee and then use plant material to dress up the remaining area. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may. I look forward to seeing all of you in the coming weeks, stay safe and see you soon.

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