Good morning, no doubt many of you have seen the extended forecast and started dusting off your clubs, and I’m guessing many of our snowbirds are packed and headed north. I’m happy to inform you that now that the snow has completely melted off, and the lads and I have inspected the golf course from the creek through to number 8, we came through this winter very well. We have a couple of areas on or near a few of the greens where mice or voles took up winter residence and these are easily repaired.

So here’s the plan, starting tomorrow we will place flagsticks on greens. We are not officially open, and play will be allowed, but not until we thaw out each morning. I would anticipate no sooner than 11 a.m. for golf unless I give the all clear sooner. The clubhouse will not be open and the bathrooms on the golf course remain closed until we are out of freezing temperatures. I ask that you please replace your divots and fix your ball marks. Many thanks and let’s start soaking up the sun, have fun.

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