Judging by this weeks forecast it should get the sap flowing.  Although it appears we’re turning the corner we still have significant snow pack on the golf course and I continue to encourage all our members to come out and get some snow shoeing or xcountry skiing in.   In the past two weeks I managed to get out on the golf course with the backhoe to clear roads and trails for the contractors to continue tree removal and tree relocation.   Since the first week of January we’ve managed to remove over 50 dead or dying trees.  This week the tree spade will be back in to move the spruce trees around four green. These trees will be relocated down along the service road to the far right of fifteen green. In the corridor between two fairway and four fairway four maples and four oaks will be removed and temporarily relocated to the nursery at the north end of the property in the tree nursery. These trees will be replanted on the golf course later in the season.

In the grounds maintenance shop we continue to ready equipment for the season. With just a few pieces of equipment remaining to be serviced we will turn our attention to painting golf course accessories, and Adirondack furniture for the patio.

This is a CAD drawing of the proposed landscaping around number one tee which will be rebuilt starting in mid-August.
Although the initial steps to rebuilding one tee started with the removal of the trees surrounding tee when the weather breaks in the spring we clean this area up by removing remaining roots, adding topsoil and over-seed so it is presentable for the season.
Area between 6 fairway and 7 tee complex
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