I hope this post finds you all happy, healthy and warm in this very long cold spell we’re experiencing. When Pete Jantzi texted me to ask me if it would be okay to take his favorite valentine cross country skiing on the golf course today naturally I said yes. But I also added that instead of taking George Vertalino, who he spent just about everyday golfing with last season, that maybe it would be a better idea to take his lovely bride.

A number of you all have reached out to ask if it would be okay to come out to the golf course and do some snow shoeing or cross country skiing….ABSOLUTELY!!. We have an excellent base and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Just this week I took our 3pt hitch snow thrower and cleared out some trails. Some of these trails will be used to get equipment in to move trees but all are open for you to use. I have cleared a large trail on the the service road along five which extends all the way down to 15 green. If you want you can pick up the trail that goes behind 4 green and down to number 3 and then blaze your own trail down below. The point is your welcome to go anywhere you prefer on the golf course and I will be adding more trails next week on holes 6 through 9. Come on out and enjoy some covid free snow.

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