A Happy, Healthy and Safe New Year to you all.  Once we returned to work after the holidays myself, Nick and Dylan dove into the new year by getting  all the equipment ready for the 2021 season.  What this involves is tune-ups on all motorized equipment, grinding all reels, bedknives and rotary blades as  well as checking calibration of both spray rigs and fertilizer spreaders.  For 2021 the board approved the purchase of a new fairway mower which we took delivery on at the end of November.   They also approved sealing and striping of the parking lot, milling and re-paving of road back to maintenance, reconstruction of 1 tee and 12 tee as well as removal of approximately 90 trees.  Construction on One Tee and Twelve Tee will start the third week of August.   Last week the lads and I got out of the shop and we removed the dead pines between the parking lot and Cascade and I had our tree contractor get started on removing trees around 1 tee.  Next week the tree contractor will pick up where he left off at one tee and start removing stumps.  Please stay safe and look for future updates as we continue to remove dead trees through the winter.

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