What an incredible fall we have experienced.  Some of the most vibrant colors we have experienced here along the Cattaraugus in some time.  As of yesterday we had just a few of our sugar maples hanging onto the last of this season leaves and the oaks will hang on the longest.  Yesterday, on a beautiful Halloween day some of you stopped over to say hello as we got started on a long over due renovation of the roof on the old house.  Not the most ideal time to start a roof project but we have had a busy season taking care of the golf course and we’re not done yet.  The next couple days will bring some crazy weather but as Western New Yorkers we’re accustomed to it.  Wednesday will start a long stretch of warm weather going into next week so this continues to be the season that keeps on giving.  Our team in maintenance is focused on preparing the golf course for the winter months.  This means winterizing the pump station, blowing out the irrigation system, applying dormant feed fertilizer  to all playing, and a number of other things and wrapping it up with spraying our snow mold preventative fungicide.  Enjoy these last few days of the season and a big thanks to Joe Bremer for buying the team breakfast while we waited out the frost on Saturday.

Good weather starting Wednesday and we should button it up then. The existing roof shingles will be replaced next summer, along with the roof on the Schictel.
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